Do you ever feel like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed?

When it seems like even the smallest things are just pushing your buttons, or getting you down?

I totally have days or weeks  like that! Ones where I want to just crawl in bed and be a hermit crab. Other times I just want to punch something. But neither of those options are productive or going to improve the way you feel. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a negative energy like that! Our attitudes effect the way we experience  the things going on around us. Negative energy feeds negative energy. In the same way positive energy feeds positive energy! Sometimes all you need in a new mindset to get out of your bad mood!

Follow these 3 EASY steps to change your mood!


Is there something that is directly causing you to feel a certain way? If your able to identify the cause, you can change the effect. Recognize that its bringing you down. And if you need to, physically walk away or change you surroundings to take a second for yourself and get your mind right. Check out our Place, Pace & Perspective article to learn more.



If your reading this, you obviously have access to the internet… And if you can afford this extra luxury… I’m pretty sure you have a roof over your head, food in your stomach, and a bed to sleep in. THATS 3 THINGS ALREADY! Think about how many people all over the world who don’t even have access to clean water, or go to bed with empty stomachs. A 4th thing,  you woke up this morning!!! Meaning, YOUR ALIVE! For the past 10 years of my life I have been battling cancer, and just waking up to a new day is so exciting! I feel so lucky to have had to fight for my life, because now I see the value of everyday. Life gets hard, stressful, and so busy that we tend to take for granted the fact that we even woke up this morning. So right now even take a second to acknowledge the fact that your ALIVE!! Each day is a gift so don’t waste even one of them allowing yourself to not be happy and enjoy the adventure!! Now add some things to your own list!

If those thoughts alone don’t make you feel lucky, you might need some professional help…



I totally talk to myself…. sometimes I need expert advice!!

All joking aside, self affirmations can help give you the motivation you need to start changing your attitude. They put you in a positive frame of mind, and prepare you to meet the day’s goals and challenges. The more you tell yourself that you are able to do something, the more likely you are to actually achieve it, and it will give you the energy and enthusiasm you need.

Say positive affirmations to yourself and focus on what your saying. Try to connect and feel the words you say, and the influence you want them to have on your day. You can use short little ones to tell yourself anytime you feel the need. some quick ones are:

  • I believe in myself, and my decisions.
  • I deserve happiness.
  • I am worthy.
  • When I think I can – I CAN!


Our mind is a beautiful and powerful vessel that is installed in each of us. Change your mind and choose your attitude!!


Written by Nicole Schulz

At just the young age of 14 Nicole's life changed forever. Diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia over her Christmas break. It changed the corse of her life. Nicole's cancer returned at the age of 17 and she has had many post cancer, and post treatment secondary issues in...
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